Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of 1FM, a Mexican techno project formed by two seasoned musicians from Guadalajara’s electronic scene, Yuri Gonzalez and Manuel Amézquita this work have a amazing collaboration with Damian Vargas.

“Esplendor Mecanico” marks the fifth musical installment from this talented duo. The EP features three tracks: “Iman,” “Rotor,” and “Histeresis.” The title itself pays a subtle tribute to the renowned Spanish band “Esplendor Geometrico.”

Each track on this EP showcases the expertise and creative vision of 1FM. “Imán” draws you in with its magnetic allure, while “Rotor” delivers relentless techno rhythms that will leave you captivated. “Histeresis” takes you on a hypnotic journey, weaving intricate layers and mysterious melodies.

Join commonSense Records in celebrating the release of “Esplendor Mecánico,” a testament to the talent and dedication of 1FM


Art by: Denisse Noriega